About us

The Family is family campaign began in November 2020.

We started it, because we believe

That the most important thing for a child is to grow up surrounded by love.

That the definition of family is more colourful than we would sometimes think.

That all families with children deserve equal rights, opportunities and support.

That family is family, even if parents happen to be of the same sex.

The only important thing is that they are people. 


The Family is family campaign is a true civilian initiative:
it was created with the collaboration of three families with children and volunteers who support our cause. All of our projects have come to life this way.

We strive to reach equal rights, equal support and equal opportunities for all families with children. Our aim is to spread awareness and to be able to have a calm conversation about the situation of rainbow families while paying attention to one another’s arguments, and basing the conversation on facts and well-supported research.

We are proud that the Family is family campaign was supported by more than 150 companies, brands, embassies, and more than a hundred well-known people and tens of thousands of civilians. We received support from Bence Istenes, Nóra Ördög, Enikő Mihalik and Péter Gulácsi. International or local big companies like Ikea, RTL Magyarország, Sziget, Levi’s, HBO, Netpincér and Cinema City have expressed their support too. We’re very proud that many small- and medium-sized enterprises support us. Ten embassies (United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany and Spain, among others) stood up to support us.

In the film that kicked off our campaign last autumn, parents, teachers, experts and renowned researchers on the topic refuted the most common misconceptions about rainbow families.

In May 2021, the Foundation for Rainbow Families was the first to publish a children’s book about rainbow families in Hungary. The introduction campaign was supported by contemporary Hungarian writers, poets, storytellers and literary translators, such as Lajos Parti-Nagy, György Dragomán, Anna Szabó T., Éva Péterfy-Novák, András Dániel, Krisztián Grecsó, where they talked about the importance of family.

If you agree with our mission, support our work.