What a family!


The first storybook about rainbow families in Hungary, it tells the story of two rainbow families who live their everyday lives just like anyone else: full of fun and love.

A little boy wakes up earlier than everyone else...or almost everyone else?

It's time for bed, but Rex, the little girl's dog, has other plans...

Lawrence Schimmel's stories are illustrated by Elina Braslina. Translated into Hungarian by Anna T. Szabó, poet and József Attila Prize winner.

Family is family campaign


Hateful, hurtful, anonymous questions are being answered by rainbow parents and experts in our campaign, launched in November 2020, to raise awareness of ourselves and our legal issues in society. There are hundreds of such families in Hungary, and we share the same view as all other families in Hungary: the most important thing for a child is to grow up in a loving environment, in a family.


The concept of marriage and family has been changing for thousands of years.
Although the idealised model is two parents of different sexes and their children, there are other kinds of families.

Nowadays more and more same-sex couples decide to raise children or plan to do so in the near future, but in the eyes of the law, only the adoptive or biological parent is considered a legal parent. The other member of the couple cannot to adopt their partner’s child that they are raising together.

The scientific consensus is that parents’ sexual orientation does not negatively affect child development, however, since one of the parents has no parental rights, the child’s interest is violated.

Family is family, a child is a child, and all children have to be granted equal rights.


Not only heterosexual couples would like to marry or start a family: more and more LGBTQI people would too. Unfortunately, even more people form an opinion without a deeper understanding of the topic. We talked to gay and lesbian parents who were willing to answer questions from people on the web about having and raising children.

Mária Kristófy

Grandmother, pensioner, musician, singer

She lived in a straight marriage for almost 30 years, knowing she was a lesbian. After her children had grown up, she divorced and remained on good terms with her ex-husband. She believes that for a family supporting each other and being surrounded by love are very important.

György Mészáros

Rainbow parent, university professor, researcher

He is a pedagogy expert, and has been working with children and youngsters for 28 years, and he used to teach disadvantaged children for 7 years. He adopted his son as a single parent 3 years ago. Dávid is 7 years old and has just started school.

Ádám Hanol and Marci Pál

Rainbow parents

They have been a couple for 10 years, and they have been living in a registered partnership for 5 years. They adopted their son, Andris, in 2018 after 3 years of waiting. They are doing everything they can so that their son can grow up in an open and accepting society.

Zsófi Müller

Rainbow parent

She is 37, and she met her wife, Adri, 6 years ago. They got married in August 2019, and with the help of one of their friends, their soon-to-be 6-month old child was conceived during their honeymoon.


We also talked to experts in sociology, psychology and child education to help give people an overview of the situation of rainbow families in Hungary, the controversial topic of having children, its psychological characteristics and the main points of international studies.

Krisztina Rózsa

Early childhood educator

She has been working at a nursery in Budapest for six years where she not only takes care of children, but educates experts and takes part in programmes designed for parents.

Julianna Lászlóffy

Clinical psychologist, family and couples therapist

She mainly works with LGBTQ+ adolescents, adults, couples and families, she leads psychodrama self-awareness groups, and she is a founding member and vice president of the LGBTQ section of the Hungarian Psychological Association.

Judit Takács

Sociologist, doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

She is a researcher of Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut in Essen, and has been researching the social phenomenon of homosexuality for 20 years. Her list of publications is available here.

Dávid Szél

Counselling psychologist, university professor

Author of the blog Apapara where he writes about being a father, psychology and social issues, since according to current social psychology an accepting society is more successful and happier than an exclusionary one.

Éva Bús

Hungarian literature teacher, class teacher

She has been a teacher for more than 40 years and she witnessed the problem of expressing and judging sexual orientation. She supports the goals of rainbow families, their fights for human rights, since family is family.