#same / #ugyanaz

For the things that matter, there's no difference

For the things that matter, there’s no difference.

Your family is of key importance: You worry together, laugh together, and go through your happiest or saddest experiences together. Rainbow families have similar experiences, as they experience the same care, love and worry as all Hungarian families.

Our #ugyanaz/#same campaign aims to show that despite the similarities of daily life, children living in rainbow families don’t have similar rights. For example, in the eyes of the law, only the adoptive parent or the one related by blood is considered a parent. The other parent is not legally a parent.

This often creates difficult situations for these families.

For them, help would mean simple and mundane things that are completely natural for other families. For example, both parents could sign their child up for nursery, kindergarten or school, or both could act in the child’s name when needed, let it be a request for a TAJ card or the replacement of a lost ID. Both parents could cross a country border with them, or the child could inherit from both of them and be eligible for alimony. Or in the case of trouble, both of them could be there beside the child in a hospital bed as legal parents.

We believe that all families with children deserve equal rights, opportunities and support.

The plush figures in the films were designed by Írisz Agócs, illustrator of the Maszat children’s books, at the request of the Foundation for Rainbow Families. The figures were voiced by actors Patrícia Kovács and János Kulka.

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